Special Services & Events

We have many events at Crowland throughout the year with many going to support our church.

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If you would like to visit Crowland or would like to arrange a tour please visit our contact page for more information. Also we can offer the church and abbey as a venue for meetings. conferences and social functions or even a film location. Please contact us for more details.

Comedy of Errors @ Crowland Abbey - Ruined Nave
Jun 28 @ 7:30 pm

The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare

Set on the party island of Ephasus, this is the story of two sets of twins separated at birth and the hilarious results when they, unbeknown to each other or the folk around them, turn up in the same town.

One of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies the TCOE is fast paced; combining elements of mistaken identity, financial shenanigans, infidelity and slapstick humour which would not be out of place in any modern farce.

For an unforgettable evening full of laughs and high jinx, come to The Comedy of Errors at Crowland Abbey on the 28th June at 19:30.

Tickets are £10 and available from Bridge Hardware, Crowland and the Abbey itself.
They are also be available on-line (see ticket link), or at the door.

Seating is limited so if you are able please bring your own chair.

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